F5CWU Online QSL Request Service (OQRS)

This is an Online QSL Request Form that can be used to request QSL confirmation both via Direct and Bureau. You can request more than one QSL at one time. Your QSL card(s) are automatically mailed to you or automatically sent through the QSL bureau. You do not need to send your card! SWL Stations can not use this OQRS.

Direct QSL
For a minimum Paypal payment of 3 Euro, the QSL cards will be directly send to you within the next 3 months.

Bureau QSL
You can also request cards through the bureau. Your cards will automatically be sent within 1 year. No payment is necessary.

LOTW is updated at least every month and after the end of each activity, as soon as possible. eQSL is not used and I do not send QSL by email.

When using the Online QSL Request Service, do not send any further cards via the bureau or direct!

You can request QSLs for the following stations.
Call Entity Notes
3B8/F5CWU Mauritius holiday style
3B8/KX7M Mauritius before & after contest operation
3D2FM Fidji Isl 2004 - op F5CWU
CN2WU Morroco 2009 - op F5CWU
CO2PH Cuba
CO2TK Cuba
F4EGD France
F5CWU France Home station logbook
FG/F5CWU Guadeloupe 2005
FH/F5CWU Mayotte Operation prior to FT4TA from Mayotte Island
FM5JC Martinique 2004 - 2007 by F5JKK
HK3TK Colombia
HP0INT/1 Panama Naos Isl - NA-072
HP0INT/2 Panama
HP0INT/3 Panama Boca Brava Isl - NA-071
HP0INT/4 Panama Colon Isl - NA-088
HP0INT/9 Panama Iguana Isl - NA-203
IS0/F5CWU Sardinia 2005
IS0R Sardinia 2010 by KOP team
KX7M USA Denny - CA
MJ/F4EGD Jersey 2007
MJ/F5CWU Jersey 2007
MM/F5CWU Scotland 2006
MU/F4EGD Guernesey 2010
MU/F5CWU Guernesey 2010
MX0INT England Farne Island - EU-109
OY1DZ Faroe Islands op Karstin
P40CW Aruba 2006 - op F5CWU
T30WU Western Kiribati 2004 - op F5CWU
T33C Banaba Isl 2004
TK/F5CWU Corsica 2005
TM0CEZ France EU-157 by F4FET & F4BKV
TM0HQ FRANCE IARU HF Championship from 2004 until now
TM0MIT France Island Tour by F4FET
TM0SM France St Marcouf Island - EU-081 August 2013
TM1INT France EU-159 - Banc D'arguin island - 2014
TM32CDXC France 2010 - 32th CDXC convention SES
TM33LDX France 2011 Clipperton DX Club
TM34CDXC France 2012 - 34th CDXC convention SES
TM35CDXC FRANCE 2013 - 35th CDXC convention SES
TM36CDXC France 2014 - 36th CDXC convention SES
TM37CDXC France 2015 - 37th CDXC convention SES
TM38CDXC France 2016 - 38th CDXC convention SES
TM39CDXC France 2017 - 39th CDXC convention SES
TM40CDXC France 2018 - 40th CDXC convention SES
TM41CDXC France 2019 - 41th CDXC convention SES
TM42CDXC France 2021 - SES Clipperton DX Club
TM43CDXC France 2022 - SES Clipperton DX Club
TM44CDXC France 2023 - SES Clipperton DX Club
TM7C France Noirmoutier Ils - EU-064
TM7Z France Touraine Contest team
TM9CDX France 2009 - 31th CDXC convention SES
TO40CDXC Martinique 2018 - 40th CDXC convention SES (FM)
TS7C Tunisia by F6KOP Team
TT8JE Tchad 2001 - op F5JKK
TY0CDX Benin 2001 - op F5CWU F5MOO F5AOV
TY22DX Benin 2001 - op F5CWU F5MOO F5AOV
TY2SV Benin 2002 - op: Victorin
TY68F Benin 2001 - op F5CWU F5MOO F5AOV
TY9F Benin 2002 - op F5CWU
V8FWU Brunei 2007 - op F5CWU
VU3SIC India 2006 - op F5CWU
VU4AN/VU3FRK Andaman & Nicobar 2006 op: DL4KQ
VU4AN/VU3RSB Andaman & Nicobar 2006 op: VU3RSB
VU4AN/VU3RYM Andaman & Nicobar 2006 op: DL5OAB
VU4AN/VU3RYN Andaman & Nicobar 2006 op: N6TQS
VU4AN/VU3SIB Andaman & Nicobar 2006 op: F4EGD
VU4AN/VU3SIC Andaman & Nicobar 2006 op: F5CWU
XT2MSF Burkina faso by David (F1HSR) 2008 - 2009

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